News from the coast of Michoacán

There has been a second attack on Semeí Verdía, the leader of the communal police force of the indigenous community of Ostula on the Michoacán coast and of all the remaining autonomous self-defence forces of the coastal region. Fortunately it was again unsuccessful, although one of his companions was injured. The details are available in this interview with the Ostula leader on YouTube Video at This first attack was followed in the afternoon by a further attack on a community police patrol searching for the perpetrators near the coastal settlement of La Ticla, in which one member of the indigenous community was apparently killed and another seriously injured.

The Michoacán coast therefore remains a very dangerous place for those who live in it. Various of my recent articles in English, Spanish and Portuguese provide more information about the context, as does Chapter 5 of my book The New War on the Poor (Zed Books, 2015).