A critique of “third generation” indigenism

P'urhépecha intellectual Dra. Bertha Dimas Huacuz, from the community of Santa Fe de la Laguna in Michoacán, has recently published a critique of what she calls the "third generation indigenism"associated with current government policies. Despite new programs such as the "Crusade Against Hunger" and further evolution of Mexico's existing targeted cash transfer programs under the … Continue reading A critique of “third generation” indigenism

Mexico-United Kingdom Year

Last week I was in London participating in two events that formed part of a year's program of celebration of relations between the UK and Mexico that consists of events in both countries. The first, on Wednesday November 18, was organised by the King's College London Mexican Society, with the support of the Mexican Embassy. … Continue reading Mexico-United Kingdom Year

Some reflections on the domination of the Brazilian congress by the BBB

This week's Carta Capital magazine features an excellent article by Rodrigo Martins on the retrograde legislative agenda currently being pushed through the Brazilian congress ("O elo perdido", Carta Capital 875, 11 November 2015). Critics of Dilma Rousseff's administration of what is as much a political as economic crisis would do well to focus their minds … Continue reading Some reflections on the domination of the Brazilian congress by the BBB

New E-Book from Eduardo R. Saguier

Argentinian colleague Eduardo Saguier has just made a fascinating extended ethnohistorical essay entitled Pueblos sin estado y reconstrucción etnopolítica del hinterland sudamericano freely available on the Internet. For more details (in Spanish) and to download the e-book follow this link http://www.salta21.com/Pueblos-sin-estado-y.html.