Déjà Lu

The World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA) offers an open access online journal called Déjà Lu, edited by Gustavo Lins Ribeiro and Gordon Mathews. The papers that the journal publishes have all been published before, but they are selected for republication by the editors of leading journals in all the countries whose anthropological associations are WCAA members. The aim is to showcase what is considered cutting-edge work in different countries in a way that transcends the kinds of biases in reviewer selection that critics have been associated with the world’s “hegemonic” anthropologies. Gordon Mathews offers a very useful discussion of these questions in his 2010 article ‘On the Referee System as a Barrier to Global Anthropology’, in The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 11(1): 52-63.

But even people who are not particularly interested in the debates about “world anthropologies” should appreciate the opportunities that Déjà Lu provides to read some of the best work published in anthropology worldwide in a given year. The journal has now reached its fourth issue, which covers papers published in 2014. You can access it and the three previous issues by clicking here.