New IUAES World Congress Publications

The ASA monograph based on the 2013 IUAES World Congress in Manchester, World Anthropologies in Practice, has now been sent out to ASA members. But I am also pleased to announce that, thanks to Simone Abram, one the liveliest  debates from the congress has now been published in print form in the journal Identities. The … Continue reading New IUAES World Congress Publications

The Observer view on Brazil

Yesterday the British Observer newspaper (the Sunday version of The Guardian newspaper) published an editorial on the Brazilian crisis that reached the following conclusion: Democracy in Brazil, restored in 1985 after 20 years of military dictatorship, is not such a robust plant that it could not be uprooted afresh by a combination of wholesale political failure … Continue reading The Observer view on Brazil

Lawfare continues

Supreme Court judge Gilmar Mendes has suspended Lula's nomination as Chief of Staff and returned his case to the jurisdiction of Sergio Mora. Who is Gilmar Mendes? Appointed to the supreme court by Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Mendes provoked controversy by apparently protecting the financier Daniel Dantas, under investigation by the Federal Police for money laundering. … Continue reading Lawfare continues

The Brazilian political crisis

The crisis provoked by the actions taken against ex-President Lula by the federal police and São Paulo Public Prosecutor's office earlier in the month is continuing to escalate. Yesterday Federal Judge Sérgio Moro, in charge of the Lava-Jato (Operation Carwash) cases, made public the transcripts of wire taps of phone conversations between President Dilma and … Continue reading The Brazilian political crisis

World Anthropologies in Practice Book

  The ASA Monograph that I put together from a selection of papers presented at the 2013 IUAES World Anthropological Congress in Manchester has now been published by Bloomsbury Academic. Number 52 in the distinguished ASA series, the book has eleven chapters written by anthropologists from different regions of the world, plus a general introduction … Continue reading World Anthropologies in Practice Book