Cartel land, again

The analysis of the relationships between criminal organisations, autodefensas and the three levels of government in the Mexican state of Michoacán offered in my book The New War on the Poor was completed before the Federal Special Commissioner for Security and Integral Development, Alfredo Castillo, was removed from this post in January 2015 (to be subsequently … Continue reading Cartel land, again

The coup unfolds

On Wednesday, three supreme court judges publicly scolded President Dilma Rousseff for describing the impeachment vote in the house of deputies as a coup. They were Celso de Mello, Dias Toffoli, and, no surprise, Gilmar Mendes. The judges' grounds for attacking the "very grave mistake" of the President were that the congress has respected the … Continue reading The coup unfolds

The morning after the vote

Last night Brazilian TV provided live broadcasts of the spectacle of the vote in the chamber of deputies that produced more than the necessary two thirds majority for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff. Spectacle it certainly was, but not an edifying one. It was not simply that the ritual had been organised by the … Continue reading The morning after the vote