Yes it can get worse

Brazil's interim president, Michel Temer, has named AndrĂ© Moura, of the Social Christian Party, the government's leader in the lower house of the Brazilian congress. Those unfamiliar with the Brazilian political process might be puzzled by this choice. The PSC is a tiny, although often scandalously vocal, force on the extreme right of the political … Continue reading Yes it can get worse

The week of the coup

During most of this week I have been in Campos, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, participating in a very interesting event organised by Rodrigo Monteiro and his colleagues at the Universidade Federal Fluminense. My talk was given in a final session on "Conflict, Public Space and Securitization", held in the evening of May … Continue reading The week of the coup

The Brazilian STF and Eduardo Cunha

This morning the supreme court judge responsible for overseeing the Lava Jato investigation ordered the suspension of the PMDB's Eduardo Cunha from his mandate and from his position as president of the chamber of deputies. This decision was ratified in a plenary session later in the day. Cunha, whose patronage powers have won him an … Continue reading The Brazilian STF and Eduardo Cunha