The left fails in Spain

Yesterday's general election in Spain has delivered a very different result to that predicted by the polls, although it is less surprising that it has replicated the indecisive result of last year. The election not only failed to deliver any single party a majority, but once again made the formation of any government dependent on … Continue reading The left fails in Spain

Initial reflections on Brexit

I returned from Brazil to the UK to vote in the referendum, and now find myself observing another crisis. It may well eventually lead to the breakup of the United Kingdom, given the large majority in favour of remaining in Europe in Scotland and the prospect of a second referendum on Scottish independence. Ironically, to … Continue reading Initial reflections on Brexit

LASA 2016

I have just got back from the 50th Anniversary Congress of the Latin American Studies Association in New York. Although I've been a LASA member for many years, and served as a track chair in the Montreal congress in 2007, other commitments meant that the last LASA congress that I attended was the Rio de … Continue reading LASA 2016