Launch of new book on urban issues


On August 17, a new book that I edited with Maria Gabriela Hita and Mariano Perelman will be launched at XIV Festival of Books and Authors of the Federal University of Bahia in Salvador. Based on an international conference that we organised at the UFBA in 2014, the book offers an interdisciplinary dialogue between leading Brazilian and Argentinian scholars on historical and contemporary urban issues, and broad ranging comparative and theoretical chapters based on the keynote lectures of Michel Agier and Setha Low. John Collins kindly contributed a preface, and Edufba did a great job on the design and production of the book, so if you read Portuguese you may be interested in the publication details.

Disputas em torno do espaço urbano: processos de [re]produção/construção e apropriação da cidade

Organizado por John Gledhill, Maria Gabriela Hita e Mariano Perelman

ISBN: 978-85-232-1597-2

Ano: 2017

Formato: 17 x 24 cm

Número de páginas: 436