Symposium at UCL celebrating the life and work of Joel Kahn

Critique of Anthropology will be publishing a Special Issue to celebrate the life and work of Joel Kahn, who died in 2017. Joel was one of the founding members of the journal, and as part of the preparation of this Special Issue, it is planned to hold a half-day symposium, in the Daryl Forde Seminar Room of the Anthropology Department of  University College, London, at 14, Taviton Street, London WC1H 0BW, on Saturday afternoon, 20th October, 2018, starting at 2pm and followed by dinner.

Some of the contributors to the Special Issue will be able to attend and speak to their papers, including  Jean-Paul Baldacchino (University of Malta), John Gledhill (University of Manchester, co-managing editor of COA), and Maila Stivens (University of Melbourne). As well, John Rundell (University of Melbourne) will present an appreciation of Joel’s work.

The following papers will be presented, and other presenters may join the symposium:

Jean Paul Baldacchino (University of Malta) ‘Joel Kahn and the Anthropologist’s encounter with God: ontology and the pursuit of the sacred in the discipline’.

John Gledhill (University of Manchester) ‘Capitalism, the politics of hate, and localised cosmopolitanisms.’

Maila Stivens (University of Melbourne) ‘Theorising gender and modernity revisited: Dialogues with Joel Kahn’

John Rundell (University of Melbourne) ‘Joel Kahn: Perennial Anthropologist’.