Visit to the ENAH and Ibero

I spent last week in Mexico City, at the invitation of Dr. Leif Korsbaek of the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH). Two of the lectures that I gave at the ENAH were focused on British Social Anthropology. The first lecture was on the British style of fieldwork, illustrated with some of my own … Continue reading Visit to the ENAH and Ibero

Brazilian anthropology under attack

One of the most influential groups in the most reactionary congress in Brazilian history is the Rural Lobby (Bancada Ruralista), which represents the interests of large landowners and commercial farmers. In Brazil large landowner means very large indeed, with some families controlling holdings the size of Wales. But even the more modestly endowed members of … Continue reading Brazilian anthropology under attack

LASA 2016

I have just got back from the 50th Anniversary Congress of the Latin American Studies Association in New York. Although I've been a LASA member for many years, and served as a track chair in the Montreal congress in 2007, other commitments meant that the last LASA congress that I attended was the Rio de … Continue reading LASA 2016

Mexico-United Kingdom Year

Last week I was in London participating in two events that formed part of a year's program of celebration of relations between the UK and Mexico that consists of events in both countries. The first, on Wednesday November 18, was organised by the King's College London Mexican Society, with the support of the Mexican Embassy. … Continue reading Mexico-United Kingdom Year

Paper in Semoc

Yesterday I gave a paper in a panel on Human Rights and Social Policy organised by my colleague Anete Leal Ivo during the 18th Scientific Mobilisation Week (SEMOC) of the Catholic University of Salvador (UCSAL). The SEMOC is a big event that involves the participation of academics from different countries and personnel from government agencies, … Continue reading Paper in Semoc

More news from Ostula

Journalist Laura Castellanos has just produced a detailed report on the situation on the Michoacán Coast on the Aristegui Noticias website. It confirms things about the context and recent events that I have already written about in English in this blog and in my recent book The New War Against the Poor, but there is … Continue reading More news from Ostula

Federal judge frees Semeí Verdía

A federal judge has now ordered the release, on grounds of lack of evidence against him, of Semeí Verdía, communal police commander from the indigenous community of Ostula and coordinator of the autodefensas (self-defence forces) of the municipalities of Aquila, Coahuayana and Chinicuila on the Pacific coast of Michoacán. Although this is good news, it … Continue reading Federal judge frees Semeí Verdía

Judicial decision on Cabula deaths provokes criticism

In a post during May I reported that the Bahia Public Attorney's Office had concluded that the killing of twelve young people in the Cabula neighbourhood of Salvador was an extra-judicial execution. Judge Marivalda Almeida Moutinho has now absolved the nine officers accused of these killings, arguing, on the basis of police evidence, that they acted … Continue reading Judicial decision on Cabula deaths provokes criticism

Michoacán is pacified? An update

It seems that a lot is currently happening in the Mexican state of Michoacán that mainstream media responsive to the federal and state governments are not reporting. Recent violent incidents reflect struggles to control drug trafficking in what is now a more fragmented scenario of competing groups. But the patterns of violence and the specific … Continue reading Michoacán is pacified? An update

UFBA rector participates in Apompaz’s tenth birthday party

In the evening of May 27, Instituto Apompaz celebrated its tenth birthday with a special seminar on Education, Youth and Social Participation in the Avançar Community Centre in Bairro da Paz, Salvador, Bahia. Apompaz is a voluntary organisation that was created by a group of young people living in the neighbourhood itself to give a … Continue reading UFBA rector participates in Apompaz’s tenth birthday party