My old personal website at Manchester University is still accessible by clicking here.

It will no longer be updated with information about my new publications and research projects, which will only be available from this WordPress site, but it does offer reference resources that are not duplicated here.

These are:

  • the multimedia project Peasant Social Worlds and Their Transformations;
  • the multimedia project Ostula: Culture and Defiance, which is bilingual in English and Spanish. Most of the site is still there and as my blog shows, this area remains in the national news for very unfortunate but important reasons. Unfortunately the searchable database of historical documents that the site previously offered has now been dis-activated;
  • A page that outlines the topics and goals of my research from the beginning of my professional career at University College London until my retirement from Manchester in 2014;
  • A series of Open Access online papers that are not available from other sites;
  • A list of my keynote lectures and other conference presentations from 2000 to 2014, with the text of my contribution provided online in some cases.