This page lists my print publications, and papers, mostly in Spanish or Portuguese, that are available as Open Access articles online. It is more up-to-date and complete than the information now available from the University of Manchester website. I have also uploaded some unpublished work to and will continue to do this from time to time.

At the end of the list is a section that contains some online papers that were originally on my personal website at Manchester University, which is no longer available. Click on the title to view the paper as a PDF in a separate window or tab or to download it.

Authored Books

(2017) La cara oculta de la inseguridad en México. 230pp. Mexico City: Paidós.

(2016) La nueva guerra contra los pobres: la producción de inseguridad en Latinoamérica. Translated by Francisco J. Ramos Mena. 312pp. Barcelona: Ediciones Bellaterra.

(2015) The New War on the Poor: The Production of Insecurity in Latin America. 256pp. London: Zed Books.

(2004) Cultura y desafío en Ostula: cuatro siglos de autonomía indígena en la costa-sierra nahua de Michoacán. 379 pp. Zamora: El Colegio de Michoacán.

(2000) Power and its Disguises: Anthropological Perspectives on Politics. 288 pp. London and Boulder, Col.: Pluto Press. Second Edition, revised and extended. Also published in translation in Greek and Chinese.

(2000) El poder y sus disfraces: perspectives antropológicas de la política. 414 pp. Barcelona: Edicions Bellaterra. (First Spanish Edition, extended version of English Second Edition).

(1995) Neoliberalism, Transnationalization and Rural Poverty: A Case Study of Michoacán, Mexico. 241 pp. Boulder, Col., San Francisco and Oxford: Westview Press. Republished by Routledge, 2019.

(1994) Power and its Disguises: Anthropological Perspectives on Politics. 248 pp. London and Boulder, Col.: Pluto Press.

(1993) Casi Nada: Capitalismo, Estado y los Campesinos de Guaracha. 732 pp. Zamora: El Colegio de Michoacán (Spanish version of 1991 book, enlarged, revised and updated).

(1991) Casi Nada: A Study of Agrarian Reform in the Homeland of Cardenismo. Studies on Culture and Society No. 4. 420 pp. Albany: Institute of Mesoamerican Studies, State University of New York. (Distributed by University of Texas Press, Austin)

Edited Books

(2017) with Maria Gabriela Hita and Mariano Perelman, Disputas em torno do espaço urbano: processos de [re]produção/construção e apropriação da cidade. Salvador: EDUFBA. The preface by John Collins and general introduction to the book by the editors are available here.

(2016) World Anthropologies in Practice: Situated Perspectives, Global Knowledge. ASA Monographs 52. London and New York: Bloomsbury Academic.

(2012) with Patience A. Schell, New Approaches to Resistance in Brazil and Mexico. Durham and London: Duke University Press.

(1988) with B. Bender and M.T. Larsen, State and Society: the Emergence and Development of Social Hierarchy and Political Centralization. 347 pp. London: Unwin Hyman. (reissued in paperback by Routledge, 1995)

Academic Journal papers

(2019) with Maria Gabriela Hita, “La política de odio en Brasil.” Alteridades 29(58): 47–58.

(2019) “Capitalism, the Politics of Hate, and Everyday Cosmopolitanisms”, Critique of Anthropology 39 (3): 310–28.

(2019) “¿Vale la pena todavía hablar de una antropología británica?” Cuiculico. Revista de Ciencias Antropológicas 25 (73): 189–209,

(2019) “Reworking the Universal in an Interconnected World”, American Anthropologist 121(2): 507–8. doi:10.1111/aman.13254.

(2019) “In Memoriam Stephen Nugent, 1950–2018”, Critique of Anthropology 39 (1): 3–11.

(2018) with Maria Gabriela Hita,  “Requalificação urbana e despejos em centros novo e antigo de Salvador”, Caderno CRH 31: 39–58. Open access at

(2018) with Maria Gabriela Hita. “Atores em disputas urbanas: os espaços contenciosos do urbanismo neoliberal”, Caderno CRH 31: 9–23. Open access at

(2018) “El conocimiento antropológico en tiempos de la ‘post-verdad’”, Encartes Antropológicos 1(1): 47-55. Comentario al coloquio “Giro global a la derecha y la relevancia de la antropología” de Gustavo Lins Ribeiro.

(2018) “Securitization, mafias and violence in Brazil and Mexico”, Global Discourse 8(1): 139-154. DOI 10.1080/23269995.2017.1406679.

(2018) “Review of ‘Existential threats and regulating life: securitization in the contemporary Middle East’, by Simon Mabon”, Global Discourse, DOI 10.1080/23269995.2018.1408269.

(2014) “Indigenous Autonomy, Delinquent States, and the Limits of Resistance”, History and Anthropology 25(4): 507-529.

(2013) “La mala administración de la seguridad pública”, Revista de Antropología Social, No. 22: 25-57.

(2013) “Límites de la autonomía y autodefensa indígena: experiencias mexicanas”, Oxímora No. 2: 1-2,

(2012) “Segurança humana: uma meta viável?” Caderno CRH 25(66): 519-33.

(2012) “Limites da autonomia e da autodefesa indígena. Experiências mexicanas”, Mana 18(3): 449-470.

(2011) “Nuevas epistemologías en Antropología: Antropologías desde el Sur”, Boletín Colegio Etnólogos y Antropólogos Sociales, A.C., 2011: 11–24.

(2010) “El derecho a una vivienda”, Revista de Antropología Social 19: 103–129.

(2010) with Maria Gabriela Hita, “Antropologia na análise de situações periféricas urbanas”, Cadernos Metrópole 12 (23): 189-209.

(2009) “Power in Political Anthropology”, The Journal of Power 2(1): 9–33.

(2008) “’The People’s Oil’: Nationalism, Globalization, and the Possibility of Another Country in Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela”, Focaal 52: 57–74.

(2008) “Introduction: Anthropological Perspectives on Indigenous Resurgence in Chiapas”, Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 15(5): 483–505.

(2008) “Fateful Legacies and the Burdens of Academic Excellence: UK Anthropology and the Public Sphere”, World Anthropologies Network E-Journal, No.3, April 2008: 167–179,

(2006) “Resisting the Global Slum: Politics, Religion and Consumption in the remaking of Life Worlds in the Twenty-First Century”, Bulletin of Latin American Research, 25(3): 322–339.

(2005) “Some Histories are More Possible than Others: Structural Power, Big Pictures and the Goal of Explanation in the Anthropology of Eric Wolf”, Critique of Anthropology 25(1): 37–57.

(2005) “Citizenship and the Social Geography of Deep Neoliberalization”, Anthropologica 47(1): 81–100.

(2004) “La ciudadanía y la geografía social de la neoliberalización profunda”, Relaciones 100: 74–106.

(2003) “Neoliberalismo e ingobernabilidad: caciquismo, militarización y movilización popular en el México de Zedillo”, Relaciones 96: 42–78. Spanish version of an article originally published in English, with a new epilogue.

(2003) “Introduction: Old Economy, New Economy; Old Corruption, New Corruption” in John Gledhill (ed.) Forum: The Enron Scandal: Global Corporatism against Society, Social Analysis 47(3): 130–135. Reprinted in the Berghahn Critical Interventions series (2004) John Gledhill (ed.) Corporate Scandal, pp. 1–10. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books.

(2002) “Una nueva orientación para el laberinto: la transformación del estado mexicano y el verdadero Chiapas”, Relaciones 90: 201–257.

(2002) “Just Wars, Civilization and Empire in Postmodernity: Perspectives from South of the Río Grande”, Social Analysis 46(1): 134–141. Reprinted in the Berghahn Critical Interventions series (2004) Bruce Kapferer (ed.) The World Trade Center and Global Crisis, pp. 59–70. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books.

(2001) “Facing the Future: Anthropology and the Transformation of the University”, Anthropology in Action, 8(1): 49-55

(2001) “Disappearing the Poor? A Critique of the New Wisdoms of Social Democracy in an Age of Globalization”, Urban Anthropology 30(2–3): 123–156. Reprinted (2004) in Marc Edelman and Angelique Haugerud (eds.) The Anthropology of Development and Globalization, pp. 381–390, Maldon and Oxford: Blackwell Publishing).

(2001) “De-romanticizing Subalterns or Re-colonializing Anthropology? Denial of Indigenous Agency and Reproduction of Northern Hegemony in the Work of David Stoll”, Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 8(1): 135–161.

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(1999) “Eric R. Wolf: An appreciation”, Critique of Anthropology 19(2): 202–208.

(1998) “Uma exploração muito particular: o caso de migração mexicana para os EUA”, Travessia: Revista do Migrante, numero 30 (April): 22-24.

(1998) “The contribution of Mexican migration to restructuring U.S. capitalism: NAFTA as an instrument of flexible accumulation”, Critique of Anthropology 18:3: 279-296.

(1998) “Contesting Regimes of Truth: Continuity and Change in the Relationships Between Intellectuals and Power”, Identities 4 (3–4): 515–28.

(1997) “¿El fin de toda ilusión? Neoliberalismo, relaciones económicas trasnacionales y reforma agraria en la Ciénega de Chapala, Michoacán”, Relaciones 71: 211-257.

(1995) “(Re)conformación del poder local en época de exclusión política y polarización social”, Ciudades (Mexico) 25: 44–51.

(1992) “Movimientos sociales, partidos políticos y las trampas de poder en un mundo transnacionalizado”, Sociedad y Estado (Mexico) No. 6.: 35–46.

(1990) “El campo y los nuevos movimientos sociales: una crítica de algunas tendencias teóricas de moda”, Relaciones 45: 147- 179.

(1990) “¿El fin de la comunidad campesina? Reproducción campesina, migración y desarrollo capitalista en el occidente de Michoacán”. Relaciones 42: 107–156.

(1988) “La destrucción de la hacienda porfiriana en el occidente de Michoacán”, Cuadernos (Mexico) 7: 3–15.

(1988) “Agrarian social movements and forms of consciousness”. Bulletin of Latin American Research, 7(2): 257–276.

(1985) “The Peasantry in History: some notes on Latin American Research.” Critique of Anthropology 5(1): 35–56.

(1982) “La evolución multilineal y el desarrollo del modo asiático de producción.” Relaciones (Mexico) 11: 5–43.

(1981) “Agrarian Change and the Articulation of Forms of Production: the case of the Mexican Bajío.” Bulletin of Latin American Research 1(1): 63–80.

(1980) “Time’s Arrow: Anthropology, History, Social Evolution and Marxist theory”. Critique of Anthropology 16: 3–30.

Book Chapters

(2020), with Maria Gabriela Hita, “Organizações de Base Comunitárias e Direitos à Cidade em Salvador (BA- Brasil): uma Experiência de Fazer Pesquisa Engajada”, in Vitor Oliveira Jorge (ed.) Modos de Fazer/Ways of Making, pp. 197-218, Porto: CITEM. Available as an open access e-book at:

(2020), with Maria Gabriela Hita “Political Parties, Big Business, Social Movements and ‘the Voice of the People’: Views from Above and Below on the Crisis Created by the 2016 Coup in Brazil”, in Marina Gold and Alessandro Zagato (eds.) After the Pink Tide: Corporate State Formation and New Egalitarianisms in Latin America, pp. 43-70. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books. This book is available open access in PDF and ePub formats at

(2019) “The Brazilian Crisis and the Ghosts of Populism”, in Bruce Kapferer and Dimitrios Theodossopoulos (eds.) Democracy’s Paradox: Populism and its Contemporary Crisis, pp. 55-73. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books.

(2019), with Maria Gabriela Hita, “Desarrollo urbano e inseguridad: ¿Cada quien en su lugar o limpieza social”, in Mercedes Di Virgilio y Mariano Perelman (eds.) Disputas por el espacio urbano: desigualdades persistentes y territorialidades emergentes. Buenos Aires: Editora Biblos.

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Popular Journal Papers

(2008) with Maria Gabriela Hita, “Beyond Victims and Aggressors: Thinking About Violence in Poor Families in Brazil and Mexico”, Revista: Harvard Review of Latin America VII(2): 23–25.

Professional Journal Papers

(2005) “Reinventing Anthropology, Anew”, Anthropology News 46(7): 6–7.

(2000) “Finding a New Public Face for Anthropology”, Anthropology Today 16(6): 1-3.

Review Articles

(2013) “Real Indians Doing Real Things in Latin American History”, Dialectical Anthropology 37(1): 83-101.

(2011) “Taking Another Look at Marx and Anthropology”, Dialectical Anthropology 35(1): 7-11.

(2010) “Anthropological Perspectives on the Neoliberal Multicultural Moment in Latin America”, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (N.S.) 16: 651-653.

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(1994) “Dilemmas of the Latin American Left in a Neoliberal Age.” Critique of Anthropology 14 (4): 437–42.

Online papers from my old personal website at Manchester University

(2007) “Rebeliones latinoamericanas contra el barrio bajo global

(2007) “Indigenous Movements in Mexico: Impasse or Forward Motion?

(2006) “Non-State Actors: Agents of Reform or Global Governmentality?

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