2018: a year for political hope?

It is not exactly easy to be optimistic about what 2018 has in store for either Latin America or Europe. In a sense, my country of citizenship, the United Kingdom, now seems to offer one of the more promising political scenarios around. There is civil war within the country's elite, Theresa May's Conservative government gets … Continue reading 2018: a year for political hope?


Crisis with elections, crisis without elections: Brazil versus the UK in June 2017

Both British and Brazilian democratic politics as usual are now in crisis. It may seem eccentric to make any kind of comparison between countries on different sides of the Atlantic in different hemispheres that have different histories and political systems. Yet it is worth beginning by reflecting on some issues that transcend these differences before … Continue reading Crisis with elections, crisis without elections: Brazil versus the UK in June 2017

Whose Europe?

David Cameron's negotiations may be going reasonably well from the point of view of reducing the number of leading figures in his own party who might support the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. But the "concessions" made to the British government have absolutely nothing to do with the real interests of working people, even … Continue reading Whose Europe?

Europe’s crises

It is encouraging that what was generally portrayed by the British press as a crisis of "migrants flooding across borders" is now increasingly seen as a refugee crisis, evoking a strong tide of humanitarian sentiment, particularly in Germany but also in the UK, where the Cameron government has been forced to backtrack somewhat from its … Continue reading Europe’s crises

Sleepwalking to catastrophe

So the country that destroyed two thirds of Greece's economic capacity during the Second World War has now succeeded in obliging the European Union to impose a "settlement" on Greece that guarantees the majority of its citizens an even grimmer future than they could have expected when they voted "no" to the previous proposals on … Continue reading Sleepwalking to catastrophe