Does Temer’s survival weaken the Brazilian coup?

Yesterday, as expected on the basis of recent developments, unelected Brazilian president Michel Temer survived. 263 deputies in the lower house of congress voted in a plenary session against suspending him from office pending investigation of the charges brought against him by Attorney General Rodrigo Janot, comfortably more than the minimum required to keep Temer … Continue reading Does Temer’s survival weaken the Brazilian coup?


Canalha! Canalha! Canalha!

Canalha is a Portuguese word that means "scoundrel" when applied to an individual and "rabble" or "riffraff" when applied to a group. Senator Tancredo Neves, the grandfather of Aécio Neves, shouted it thee times in the direction of Senator Auro Moura Andrade, after Andrade falsely claimed in the plenary session of April 2, 1964, that President … Continue reading Canalha! Canalha! Canalha!

Something rotten in the state…

In yesterday's La Jornada newspaper, journalist Blanche Petrich published an interview that the paper conducted with Nestora Salgado, former communal police commander of the community of Olinalá, in the Mexican state of Guerrero. On August 23, 2013, Nestora Salgado was arrested and charged with the kidnapping, on the orders of Ángel Aguirre, the state governor … Continue reading Something rotten in the state…

Ostula demands

The indigenous community of Ostula has now presented a series of public demands to the state and federal authorities. These go beyond the demand for the immediate release from prison of Cemeí Verdía, former commander of Ostula's communal police and the autodefensas of Aquila, Coahuayana and Chinicuila, and the dropping of charges against him, which … Continue reading Ostula demands

More news from Ostula

Journalist Laura Castellanos has just produced a detailed report on the situation on the Michoacán Coast on the Aristegui Noticias website. It confirms things about the context and recent events that I have already written about in English in this blog and in my recent book The New War Against the Poor, but there is … Continue reading More news from Ostula

The final charge against Ostula’s self-defence force leader collapses

As explained in an earlier post, after the Ostula leader Semeí Verdía was absolved by a judge of the charges of illegal carrying of weapons, he was re-imprisoned on charges of homicide and theft, with the backing of the current state government of Michoacán. Another judge has dismissed the homicide charges as unfounded, leaving only … Continue reading The final charge against Ostula’s self-defence force leader collapses

Judicial decision on Cabula deaths provokes criticism

In a post during May I reported that the Bahia Public Attorney's Office had concluded that the killing of twelve young people in the Cabula neighbourhood of Salvador was an extra-judicial execution. Judge Marivalda Almeida Moutinho has now absolved the nine officers accused of these killings, arguing, on the basis of police evidence, that they acted … Continue reading Judicial decision on Cabula deaths provokes criticism