Update on police killings in Salvador

The Bahia Public Attorney's Office has just (May 18 2015) published its findings on the deaths of twelve young residents of the Cabula neighbourhood of Salvador at the hands of military police of the Special Patrols Unit (Rondesp) mentioned in an earlier post. Investigators have concluded that this was an extra-judicial execution, and worse than … Continue reading Update on police killings in Salvador


The pacification of Michoacán?

My book The New War on the Poor went to press before the Federal Special Commissioner for Security and Development in Michoacán, Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, was transferred to other duties as Director of the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports, a move justified officially by the need to avoid controversy during the forthcoming state elections. A … Continue reading The pacification of Michoacán?

Problems with policing in Brazil

Since my book The New War on the Poor went to press in November 2014, a pattern of escalating confrontation in Rio de Janeiro between police and drug traffickers has continued to produce casualties on both sides, along with a great deal of tragic "collateral damage" that has produced a rising tide of protest by favela residents. … Continue reading Problems with policing in Brazil