Trump’s deportations begin

As The Intercept's Ryan Devereaux pointed out last Thursday, Trump's travel ban on people from a group of predominantly Muslim countries, selected on a somewhat questionable basis if the aim is to counter "terrorist threats", together with the high theatre of his border wall project, distracted attention from two January 29 executive orders that hardened … Continue reading Trump’s deportations begin

The Olympics and Rio’s crisis

The interim federal government headed by Michel Temer of the PMDB has now responded to the declaration of a state of financial catastrophe by the heavily indebted state government of Rio de Janeiro, which has been in the hands of the PMDB since 2003. It has provided a 2.9 billion reais emergency cash injection. This … Continue reading The Olympics and Rio’s crisis

Another questionable incident in the pacification of Western Mexico

On Friday 22 May, 42 civilians and a federal police officer died in what, according to the official version, was an armed confrontation between members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and federal forces in a ranch on the borders between the Michoacán municipalities of Ecuandureo and Tanhuato, close to the main highway that … Continue reading Another questionable incident in the pacification of Western Mexico

Problems with policing in Brazil

Since my book The New War on the Poor went to press in November 2014, a pattern of escalating confrontation in Rio de Janeiro between police and drug traffickers has continued to produce casualties on both sides, along with a great deal of tragic "collateral damage" that has produced a rising tide of protest by favela residents. … Continue reading Problems with policing in Brazil

The New War on the Poor/La nueva guerra contra los pobres

My book The New War on the Poor: The Production of Insecurity in Latin America is available in hardback, paperback, and Kindle and ePub ebook formats. It is available directly from its publisher, Zed Books, in the UK and Europe, the University of Chicago Press in the case of the Americas, North and South, or from … Continue reading The New War on the Poor/La nueva guerra contra los pobres