New IUAES World Congress Publications

The ASA monograph based on the 2013 IUAES World Congress in Manchester, World Anthropologies in Practice, has now been sent out to ASA members. But I am also pleased to announce that, thanks to Simone Abram, one the liveliest  debates from the congress has now been published in print form in the journal Identities. The … Continue reading New IUAES World Congress Publications

World Anthropologies in Practice Book

  The ASA Monograph that I put together from a selection of papers presented at the 2013 IUAES World Anthropological Congress in Manchester has now been published by Bloomsbury Academic. Number 52 in the distinguished ASA series, the book has eleven chapters written by anthropologists from different regions of the world, plus a general introduction … Continue reading World Anthropologies in Practice Book

Déjà Lu

The World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA) offers an open access online journal called Déjà Lu, edited by Gustavo Lins Ribeiro and Gordon Mathews. The papers that the journal publishes have all been published before, but they are selected for republication by the editors of leading journals in all the countries whose anthropological associations are … Continue reading Déjà Lu


At the moment I am working on an edited book based on a selection of papers from the 2013 World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, which was organised by a UK committee chaired by me and hosted by Manchester University. This book, World Anthropologies in Practice: Situated Perspectives, Global Knowledge, … Continue reading IUAES-ASA book